2015 STIHL TSA 230

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TSA 230



  • Reduced-Emission Engine Technology - Caring for Nature: The STIHL Inc. “Caring for Nature” seal identifies its powered products that are more environmentally conscious, producing zero or low exhaust emissions. STIHL Inc. defines “low exhaust emissions” as being cleaner than EPA and/or CARB exhaust emission standards.
  • Sealed Control Unit: Sealed control unit for improved water resistance while wet cutting.
  • Magnesium Guard: The cutting wheel guard is made from a lightweight and durable die cast aluminum to improve maneuverability.
  • Spindle Locking Mechanism: The spindle locking mechanism allows the user to lock the wheel rotation for easier removal of the wheel.
  • Water Connection: Water connection with shut-off valve and quick connector.
  • Sealed Belt Drive: Maintenance-free sealed belt drive.
  • Electronic Coaster Brake: Stops wheel after use.
  • STIHL Electric Motor: Maintenance-free brushless DC motor features low noise levels and reduced vibration.
  • Weight (w/ AP 180): 5.6 kg (12.4 lb.)
  • Maximum Wheel Size: 230mm (9 in.)
  • Maximum Cutting Depth: 70mm (2.75 in.)
  • Run Time (w/ AP 180): Up to 15 min.
  • AL 300 Rapid Battery Charger: Your advanced STIHL Battery KombiSystem deserves an equally advanced charger. The STIHL AL 300 rapid battery charger fits that bill perfectly. Designed to charge your STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries in approximately 25 minutes*, the AL 300 is exactly what you need to power through your lawn care tasks. It features an onboard cooling fan and bright LED display to indicate current charge level. This smart charger even switches off automatically once your battery is fully charged.
  • Abrasive Wheel for General Purpose Metal: The General Purpose Metal abrasive wheel is ideal for ductile iron, steel and other construction site metal needs. Specially engineered compositions and specific degrees of bond hardness maximize the wheel’s cutting life. A variety of diameters and arbor sizes are available. See dealer for details.
  • B10 Diamond Wheel - Economy Grade: The Economy (B 10) is suited for cutting heavier masonry materials such as cured concrete, pavers and cinder block. Laser welded diamond segments give the the wheel maximum durability and an extended life. Available in 12", 14" and 16" diameters. See Dealer for details.
  • AP 180 Lithium-Ion Battery: For extended landscaping tasks, the STIHL AP 180 Lithium-Ion battery is designed to deliver consistently long run times with no fades or "brown outs." The unique design of this 36-volt powerhouse keeps even the most demanding tools of the STIHL Battery Kombi line running at full speed until it's depleted – no gradual drops in power. And the LED charge display lets you know just how much juice you have to work with, so you don't get caught in the middle of a job. The AP 180 weighs a mere 3.8 lbs. and can be charged hundreds of times without any noticeable loss in capacity. Even after 500 charges, the battery retains over 80% capacity. The secret is in its engineering. The battery features specialized voltage monitors and temperature sensors to help ensure optimal operation and a long service life.



12.4 lb. (5.6 kg)
Blade Size
9 in. (230 mm)

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