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Model year 2015 Polaris® Electric Bicycles offer the most powerful, yet user friendly, version of our motor drive system featuring the proprietary DuoDrive™ motor, BioSync™ pedal assistance and Perpetual Arc Regeneration™ technology. Powered by a rechargeable and compact lithium-ion ProRide™ battery, Polaris® eBikes can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge, with a maximum motor-assisted speed of 20 MPH or 28 MPH depending on the model.

Biosync™ Pedal Assistance is comprised of an advanced multi-sensor and proprietary smart controller, reading the power output of a rider during a natural pedal motion. It then matches that output with similar amounts of torque and speed. The Perpetual Arc Regeneration™ allows the rider to pedal and recharge the battery simultaneously. The ARC Regen™ braking feature recovers energy by capturing power through both regenerative braking and when the bike exceeds 21 MPH or 29 MPH, depending on the model.

Polaris® eBikes are manufactured using proprietary frame designs for commuter and mountain bike styles using only premium components. The Rail and Course models are the urban city commuters, while the TERRAIN and AAPEX mountain bike models are designed to go from the trail to the street and every place in between. The SABRE and NORDIC represent the true essence of trail riding. Where will your eBike take you?

EVantage™ Motor Drive System
  • DuoDrive™ Motor Technology: A brushless, rear hub, direct drive magnet 750 watt motor providing pedal assistance and battery regeneration. During the riding experience, the motor automatically adjusts to the varying power and torque output requirements necessary for the particular terrain.
  • Information Center Dashboard Display (IC Display): The polarized IC Display is an LCD backlit display providing essential riding information such as the odometer, speedometer, trip distance, battery status and regeneration status. Each IC Display has built-in software to automatically diagnose the motor system should troubleshooting be required. The display itself was built to be small, lightweight and rain proof. The LED backlight allows for nighttime use.
  • BioSync™ Pedal Assistance: BioSync™ pedal assistance reads the power output of a rider during the natural pedal motion, and then matches that output with the necessary power required. BioSync™ technology was conceived to ensure the motor system adjusts to the rider’s power output with hyper-responsive pedal assistance and smooth transition for any terrain.
  • Perpetual ARC Regen™: Perpetual Arc Regen™ recharges the battery when pedaling, with up to 100 watts of charging power– resulting in simultaneous pedaling and recharging.
  • ProRide™ Battery System: “Fueling” the Polaris® eBike is the EVantage™ ProRide™ lithium battery system. This removable power pack is mounted in the downtube, providing the center of gravity necessary for trail riding and urban street riding. Each battery takes 4 hours to charge using the Smart Charger system, and will automatically cut-off when charge is complete. The battery status level is displayed on both the battery and the IC Dashboard Display. Thanks to the latest lithium-ion technologies, EVantage™ batteries are built for high durability, without memory loss from partial recharges.
  • Battery Management System: Polaris® eBIKE’s Advanced Battery Management System is designed by EVantage™ engineers and used exclusively for Polaris® eBikes. The software analyzes the motor drive system for optimum battery efficiency and for the ultimate in rider performance. The BMS also records and displays valuable data on the entire motor and battery system for ease of service and maintenance.
Motor System / Throttle & Pedal Assist
  • 750 watt Evantage DuoDrive™ Motor
  • Up to 28 MPH (Speed-pedal assistance up to 28 MPH)
  • 44V Li-ion Pro Ride™ Battery
  • 100 V -240 V, Smart charger
  • Up to 50 miles per charge
  • Arc Regen™ Activates automatically when braking, or pedaling 29 MPH
  • Perpetual Regeneration Charges bike with up to 100 watts while pedaling
  • Kenda Kwick Trax, 700C
  • 6061 T-6 alloy, balanced geometry for optimum weight distribution
  • Suntour E45 with lockout
  • SRAM X7, rear derailleur
  • SRAM X4 Trigger, 8-speed
  • Magura MTE hydraulic disc brakes
  • Model: Course ST
  • Item #: EV512PH
  • Frame: Step-through
  • Speed: 28 MPH
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Components: Premium
  • Frame color: White/Silver
Range estimate depends on Assistance Level, Terrain, Weather and Overall Weight.



Engine Type
750 watt Evantage DuoDrive™
44V Li-ion Pro Ride™
100 V - 240 V


Front Tire
Kenda Kwick Trax, 700C
Rear Tire
Kenda Kwick Trax, 700C
Front Brake
Magura MTE hydraulic disc
Rear Brake
Magura MTE hydraulic disc
Front Suspension
Suntour E45 with lockout
Step-through; 6061 T-6 alloy


SRAM X4 Trigger, 8-speed


50 miles
Top Speed
28 mph
Arc Regen™

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